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​Morgan & Mallet International is the most advanced International Household & Domestic Staff Recruitment Agency in the luxury domestic and private staff placement service industry. 

We place, recruit and hire House Manager/Palace Manager, Butler/Majordomo, Valet, Domestic Couple, Guardian/Caretaker Couple, Chef/Cook, Head Housekeeper, Housekeeper/Domestic Helper/Maid, Laundress/Wardrobe Manager, Gardener, Companion/Caregiver Nurse, Handyman/Houseman/Facilities Manager, Horse Keeper, Personal Assistant/PA, Secretary, Estate Manager, Family Office Staff, Nanny, Travelling Nanny, Governess, Tutor, Maternity Nurse, Babysitter, Chauffeur/Driver, Private Jet Pilot, Private Jet Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant, Helicopter Pilot, Yacht Captain, Yacht crew, Bodyguard, Travelling Bodyguard, Event Bodyguard, Head of security, Property Security Guard, Cars Fleet Manager, Art Keeper, Personal Shopper, Massage Staff, Dog sitter, Private Hairdresser/Hairstylist, Temporary Household Staff, Personal Trainer, Ski Instructor, Golf Instructor, Tennis Instructor, Pilate & Yoga Instructor and Game Keeper.

​The client comfort is our primary aim. We work to place domestic staff  and private staff on a local and International level to meet client's personal needs.

We support our clients in the recruitment of household and domestic staffing in all area including private villa, apartment, palace, royal residence, castle, chalet, lodge, private island, offices, yachts, private planes and diplomatic residences.

As a recruitment and headhunting agency, we specialise in finding private, household and domestic staff in the USA, Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East, to suit both temporary and permanent positions. We are a global company with offices in key sites such as London United Kingdom, Los Angeles USA, New-York NYC USA, Johannesburg & Cape Town South Africa, Dubai United Arab Emirates, Moscow Russia, Lviv/Kiev Ukraine, Paris France, Mougins/The French Riviera, Monaco and Geneva/Rolle Switzerland.


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