Jardin de Pedrissa



A secret garden for real connoisseurs

Jardin de Pedrissa, an exclusive residential property, is created to absorb the stress and routine of everyday life and enter
an extraordinary world of hospitality.
Situated close to the picturesque village of Deia in Mallorca, it provides not only impressive scenery and lifestyle, but the
resources to reinvigorate the mind.
The property is designed to create a contemporary and timeless place using form and material to integrate design and
topography, combining traditional values with an outstanding hospitality and service concept. It provides the opportunity
to rediscover the beauty of life and embrace the spirit of the nature around it.
All materials, objects, haptics and colours are creating a harmonious ambience, promoting the relationship between
nature, and the desire for simplicity, privacy, luxury and comfort.

State‐of‐the‐art technology and construction methodology ensure a contemporary living space.
As a holistic concept it clearly considers food, treatments and activities for a balanced sense of being. In the cuisine there
is a clear sense of being organic and pure, only the highest quality of ingredients are considered. Residents can feel and
taste the originality of products, locally sourced and from the own farm. Service is tailor‐
made and therefore one can feel
the uniqueness and authenticity. Jardin de Pedrissa opens a wide scale of opportunities for activities, offering not only the
required equipment but also guidance and organisation.
We offer an experience that is intimate and discreet while providing the highest level of service.
A unique setting, a beautiful natural location, and outstanding facilities are ensuring exclusivity and privacy feeling


Contact Person:Murat Cetin

City: Deia

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